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    they really do have the best wings

    true story:

    A few years back, when my wife's parents lived in Phoenix AZ, we used to visit there from time to time. One time during Christmas vacation, my father-in-law took his three son's-in-law (me included) and 5 grandson's to Hooters for lunch - the youngest (my son) was around 6 (first grade). We had wings and the two eldest grandsons got calenders, and that was that. But after X-mas, my son's 1st grade teacher asked if anyone went anywhere for the holidays and my son chimed in about Phoenix. The teacher asked if we did anything speacial there, and my son told her, "Yeah, my Grampa took us guys to this resturant called Hooters where the all the girls wore shorts." "Hooters?" the teacher asked, and my son added, "yeah, its called Hooters cuz all the girls there wear shirts with owls on the front."

    His teacher enthusiastcally told my wife and I this story during the next PTO meeting. She was cool about it - said it was all she could do to keep from laughing.
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