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    How's that Christmas shopping coming along?

    I'm guessing that since this place is dominated by men, you guys haven't even started yet. Am I right?

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    Hah ! All male but there must be a bit of the "Y" in here because I am nearly done already.
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    I was making a gift out of steel, but for some reason I couldn't weld today, no matter how much I tried. Some other time...

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    well autumn im on the same page as you, with over 3 weeks left, there is plenty of time left before i even need to start shoppin, haha Go 'X' chromosomes
    that makes as much sense as a drunken mongoose playing the piano

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    Got the guy stuff done, but shopping for you women is always tougher for me,
    jewlery, purfume, lingerie. Lots of stuff out there.
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    What date is Christmas this year? Yes I will be shopping in a panic this year. Of course my sister has picked up some shared gifts for my mother and my partner has chosen the gifts for his kids so all I have had to do is open the wallet. I will be broke and never have stepped into a store.
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    Christmas? Is that coming up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by icarus
    well autumn im on the same page as you, with over 3 weeks left, there is plenty of time left before i even need to start shoppin, haha Go 'X' chromosomes
    Oh no, no, no. Don't put me in that category. I've got three people left to shop for. Two will be done before today is over. The third person is my husband and, for the first time, I have absolutely no idea what to buy him.

    I've already picked up a book about the Toronto Maple Leafs and I'll be getting the latest Rush DVD set (Replay), but other than that I'm stumped. Suggestions anyone?

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    Usually in June or July I'll start grabbing stuff as I see it. I find I buy better presents that way. Not only is there less of a financial burden at one time, but I can find things that will actually be meaningful.
    I find that women are much easier to buy for than men. I just try and find items that have some shared meaning. Sensitivity and thoughtfullness--pretend ya have some, that's what I always say! Men present a greater challenge if only because most of my friends already have every toy/gadget a guy could want.
    This year my greatest challenge has been Christmas cards. With my acceptance of e-mail as a daily ritual, I find that being a more prolific communicator has it's downside. Wheras previously there might be some actual content in said cards, this year its like, "hey, its Christmas so have a merry one and all that shiznit, and I'll type at you tomorrow"...
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    My wife...

    ...and I have too much cr@p already...and rarely deny ourselves during the year...Comestibles and potent potables are our tokens...I get a 5lb. fruitcake (this is the GOOD stuff, heavy on the brandy, rum and bourbon and no dried peels or red and green plasic bits) and a case of Tabasco chili starter and she gets a few bottles of bubbly...maybe a little muss no fuss, no long term storage...

    The ranks of other giftable relatives grows shorter every year and most of the kids ain't kids anymore...

    jimHJJ(...sadly so...)
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    No money for Xmas I have been spending all $$$ renovating one of my house .

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    Haven't even started! My wife and I did some shopping on Black Friday for ourselves, but no gifts just yet.
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