There are various sales channels by which you can get Norton NU16. The easy and reliable way to get the Norton NU16 is online via its official website install. Refer to the steps below to get NU16 online using the product key:

1. Install the Norton Utilities in your system.

2. Now navigate to the “Buy Now” option, and select it.

3. Now carefully observe the package that you to install.

4. Now, checkout by pressing the “Secure Checkout” button.

5. Perform the login using your credentials. Enter the name and password corresponding to your account.

6. If you do not have any existing account on Norton, then create a new account by entering your name, password, email Id, location, and other essential details. Proceed with the payment process and go with the flow of the instructions to finish the sign-up process.

7. Also, confirm your email id by clicking on the confirmation link.

8. After confirmation, confirm your purchase by clicking on the “Buy Now” button.