First and foremost, it is vital that you understand the complexity of remote assistance. And by agreeing to it, you will be approving of the terms and conditions of the Dell Software License Agreement, Dell Privacy, Service Agreement, in addition to Terms and Conditions of Sale. Make sure that you understand well what you are accepting. Therefore, make time to scroll through the pages. You will be accepting and willing to undergo all the clauses of the agreements.Despite, all the terms and conditions, if you agree on moving forward, ensure to connect through the official website only. In case, of any troubles, do not sign in through any other site. It may corrupt your files or your privacy. Only, accept the support from the official Dell Support team.

Steps to Download

  • You may go to and install the software on your Dell Computer or Laptop.
  • Further, reach out to the team through the software.
  • Check on the I AGREE button to allow access to your device to the technician of the Dell support team.
  • After the completion of the process, the Remote Assistance will be uninstalled automatically.

Overall, the source is trustable. However, if you ever feel insecure you can always stop the progress. Directly get in touch with Dell Customer Service for support. Additionally, sign in using your registered ID only to avoid any data breach. Make sure not to access multiple sites for your safety.