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    Hey!!! Will Sombebody Turn Off the Frackin' Snow!!!!????

    My estimation is that we've had 1.5 feet of snow fall since about 4:00am. I woke up at 4:00 and the snow was just starting. By the time I cleared the driveway around 9:30, we had a foot. I went out around 3:00pm and cleared another 6 inches. And still it falls.

    I hate snow. HATE IT. Luckily our Executive Director had the good sense to keep the office closed today, so I didn't have to drive. My vehicle is AWD so I don't worry about getting where I need to go even in the worst snow. But according to the news there are cars being abandoned all over the city because they can't make it up hills or have spun out or been stuck. There are highway and ramp closures across the area. Our street still hasn't been plowed and I'm not looking forward to the load that's going to be left at the foot of our driveway.

    Thank goodness I had the good sense to go against Hubby's wishes and buy a snow-blower this year. It certainly seems like the right decision today.

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    Looks like Northeast getting pounded also.

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