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Thread: Hey Chris...

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    Hey Chris...

    I guess I'm a little slow so bring me up to speed. Is there a way I can post a pic(from my hard drive) without it being an attachment? I get the attachment thing OK, but would be nice if the pic was already open without having to download and open.

    Karl K.

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    Well, I'm not Chris...

    ...but I'll take a stab at your question.

    The short answer to your question is "NO". "Opening" the file using the attachment process is the go-ahead to transfer the picture from your hard drive to AudioReview's server.

    To display a picture on a site like AR, it needs to be available on a server somewhere. You can post a picture WITHOUT making it an attachment if you provide its address within HTML or VB markup tags, like [ img] or < img src=>, but unless your home computer is really a server with 24/7 internet connection, you HAVE to upload an image from your computer to a server SOMEWHERE!
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