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    Happy Halloween 2010

    Well happy halloween everyone.

    I hope you are doing something fun w/ your friends and loved ones.

    I was supposed to go climbing Prince of Darkness today with a friend but he got sick and I've just had a horrid week. (partly my own fault).

    So here I am, working on a PMC review and some stuff for AudioReview. Maybe I'll get to pump some plastic at the gym today but that will be the extent of my fun. At least I've been able to spin a lot of records so far this morning and now on PC's jazz 2 mix for me.

    Well, if you had a good costume post up some photos and stories!

    Have a good a safe Halloween!


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    Happy Halloween Adam, and everyone else. We don't do much for Halloween. Just hand out candy to the kids in the neighbourhood and eat the leftovers. Today is my sister-in-law's birthday so we may go out for a celebratory drink after the kids stop coming to the door. But otherwise it's just another day at our house.

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    Same to you Adam. Those mixes are pretty sweet huh? You will have to give me your new addy and I can send you some brilliant (and expensive) collections that i have. Dude, check out my newest haul in the analog room.

    My kids are dressing as a lion and a ninja, I'll post some pics once we're done and bloated from candy.

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