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Thread: Friday Jokes

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    Talking Friday Jokes

    Here's to start off:

    What's the definition of a geek?

    An audio enthusiast who just left the room


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    A few...

    Yo mama's teeth are so crooked, when she smiles her mouth looks like its throwin' up gang signs.

    Yo mama's teeth are so rotten, when she smiles they look like dice.

    Yo mama's got two gold teeth, one says 24k and the other says "Believe that **** if you want to."

    Yo mama's teeth look like Honey Smacks.

    When I looked at Yo mama's teeth, I didn't know whether to smile or to kick a field goal.

    Yo mama's so bald, you could draw a line down the middle of her head and it would look like my ass.

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    It's friiiiiday!

    Yeee Haaaw!!

    President & Hillary Clinton were attending a World Series game. One of the secret service agents wispered into the president's ear. Bill said, "Sure, I'd love to."

    He then tosses Hillary onto the diamond.

    The agent stood up and yelled, "I said the first pitch!"
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    Talking Speaking of teeth...

    The most basic pickup line in Arkansas:

    "Hey, nice tooth!"

    And, then there is the old reliable, "Just get in the car, OK?"


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