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    Friday Joke Time

    A drunk bangs on a door, the guy gets out of bed and answers the door. The drunk says could you give me a push and the guy says no way it's 3 o'clock in the morning and its's raining and shuts the door. He goes back to bed and his wife ask what did he want and he says the guy wanted a push and she says what did you tell him, I told him no. She ask's do you remember when we were stranded and that young couple helped us, he says yeah, don't you think you should return the favour, I guess he replies and gets dressed and goes outside.

    He yell's are you still out there and the drunk says yes, he ask do you still need a push the drunk says yes, the guy says where are you and the drunk says i'm over here on the swing.Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.


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    ok, u asked 4 it

    Perfect breasts


    Fake silicone breasts

    ( + )( + )

    Perky breasts


    Big nipple breasts

    A cups

    o o

    D cups

    (O }{ O )

    Wonder bra breasts


    Cold breasts

    ( ^ )( ^ )

    Lopsided breasts


    Pierced Nipple Breasts


    Hanging Tassels Breasts


    Grandma's Breasts

    \ o / \ o/

    Against The Shower Door Breasts

    () ()

    Martha Stewart's Breasts

    Mammogrammed Breasts

    And God created woman, and she had 3 breasts. He then asked the
    woman, "Is there anything you'd like to have changed?" She replied, "Yes,
    could I get rid of this middle breast?" And so it was done, and it was good.
    Then the woman exclaimed as she was holding the third breast in her
    hand, "What can be done with this useless boob?" And God created man.


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