I have a Vaio VJC141F11X which is a year old.

I had problems with it and sent it to Sony for repair under guarantee. When it came back (new screen) it had a problem with the battery - it didn't register the battery status.
I sent it back to Sony and got it back again today. Same issue.
Charged to 100%, remove charger, battery indicator showed 100% but within 2 minutes the computer shut down. While it works without problem with AC adapter it defeats the objective of having a laptop. I really dont want to send it back to Sony again as clearly they didnt test it after doing whatever they did to it. I have to re-set up emails and other apps again which is all time-consuming. I even had to buy and re-instal Win 10 as it looks like they swapped out the original Win OS when doing the first fix. I contacted nathan at geek squad support he suggested to reinsert the battery. I reinstalled the battery after doing the same issue is resolved now it is working fine.