Belarusian long jumper loses meet because of her ponytail
By Chris Chase

Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova literally lost the world championships by a hair.

The Belarusian long jumper would have won the gold medal in last week's competition in Daegu, South Korea, had it not been for her long ponytail that hit the pit and was used as her measurement. New photographic evidence (above) shows how close her hair was to missing the pit. Because the rear mark is used, the point where Mironchyk-Ivanova's ponytail hit the sand is where her measurement was made.

New photographic evidence shows how close the jumper came to winning gold.

That ended up being six inches behind the rest of her body. Mironchyk-Ivanova was credited with a 22-foot, 1 -inch jump, three inches behind the eventual winner, Britney Reese.

Mironchyk-Ivanova's hairstyle cost her one of the most prestigious gold medals in track and field. She also lost out on a $45,000 bonus for a victory.

It should be noted that Reese, the American who won gold, had her hair in a bun.

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