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    Does your office have a time record?

    There's a wild variation in the time that people work and get paid. Some people sit at a desk and work maybe 10 hours a week and talk and surf the web the rest of the time, leave early on certain days when they feel like it, take extended lunches ... other people literally bust their @ss 40 hours a week. And in a lot of instances, those two people will get paid the same. As to your second point, there's people who make other's people lives miserable and the bottom line is money. I get harassed all of the time about it. If my bosses/owners had the option of me busting my @ss and working 50 hours and making them $2000 a week or me sitting on my @ss and somehow making them $3000 a week, you'd better believe they'd take the $3000 a week and leave me alone... Either your boss wants to whip you harder or she wants to look good, either way so she can make more $. Get used to it, it will always be that way.

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    I don't like these types of situations too. I'm working very hard on my main job to pay my rent and trying to create my own business that would give passive income. I don't have enough money for my own website, so I'm working directly through emails. And this signature generator helps me with making my emails look more professional.

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