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    "Cut" costs and do something good in the process

    Lots of people complain that they don't have time for volunteering and charity work, or that it's too much trouble. Well here is something I stumbled on that doesn't require any work, actually it requires laziness, lol:

    I was complaining at work about what I paid just for haircuts this past weekend (we did a whole-family hair-cut day: $138 + tip!). One of my co-workers said he gets his 3 boys' hair cut for $6 ea. and only does this once every six months or so. I had heard of military & barbershop deals, but even these were no longer that cheap and there's no way the wife is going to get her hair cut by a "student." It's none of that, he told me. His boys let their hair grow out until it's at least 10" long and then go to a hair salon that donates the hair and offers a discount to the donor - this particular shop gives $10 off, so the cost is only $6.

    The hair goes to an organization called Locks Of Love that weaves it into wigs for kids who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. Anyhow, I thought this was a great idea and it turns out there are other charities that do this, too. Here's a web page that describes these a little better:

    With the heat waves we've been having, short hair also helps keep you cool, and I'm going to guess that some of the rockers around here could use a haircut, too. Maybe some of the savings can go to buying more music.

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    Great post nightflier. And a great cause.

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    'Wish I would have known about it before last weekend...

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