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    Cuisinart is the antithesis of Haier.

    I just love using the word antithesis.

    You all know of my trouble with Haier and how they refused to honour the two year limited warranty that is clearly printed in my dishwasher's user manual. Well, Haier could learn a lot from Cuisinart.

    Just over a year ago I purchased a Cuisinart popcorn maker. There are two latches that hook the element onto the motor. The element comes off so that it can be washed after you use it. One of the latches broke off and the element wouldn't stay connected the motor anymore. I pulled out the user manual expecting to see a 1-yr warranty that had expired. But to my surprise, I had a 3-yr limited warranty!

    I called Cuisinart and they told me the broken latch was covered. So this morning I took my popcorn maker to their service centre. They didn't have a replacement part in the same colour (red) and asked me if I minded black instead. I told them that I didn't care about the colour and expected to get a black replacement part to fit on my red base (where the motor is). But instead of just replacing the broken part, they gave me a brand new, still in the box, popcorn maker so that I wouldn't have mismatched pieces.

    They didn't even ask me how it broke. I had a receipt showing the purchase date within the last three years and that was enough for them to offer me a brand new replacement.

    While I was waiting for my new popcorn maker to come up from their warehouse, a woman came in with broken scale that was under warranty and they replaced her item without hassle also.

    Now that's service!

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    In my experience Haier is awful. I bought my sister a Haier wine refrigerator and the thing was dead less than 2 years later.

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