According to a new report, President Bush's offical campaign is selling clothing made in Burma. Bush banned sales of goods made in Burma due to their awful human rights, narcotics, and sex trafficking record. According to Newsday, "the merchandise sold on includes a $49.95 fleece pullover, embroidered with the Bush-Cheney '04 logo and bearing a label stating it was made in Burma, now Myanmar."

Now I'm sure Bush is not aware of this, but it made me think. Should anything having to do America in anyway ever be made outside U.S.? I have a U.S.A. hat made in China! What the hell is that about. Also, why the hell didn't I look to make sure it was made here? Probably because I took it for granted! I have seen American Flags made in foriegn countries. This does not sit well with me, how does it sit with you out there?