Owning a laptop comes with the responsibility of keeping it maintained and for that, one has to be well informed with the basic functions and quick fixes in case some issues arise. recently i started having issues with my laptop,
I purchased an insignia external battery pack (item:NS-PWLB80) to use with my brand new HP laptop.
The laptop has USB-C port but when I connect the battery pack to the computer, the battery pack is draining the remaining battery from the laptop rather than charging the laptop.I just bought the laptop (a week ago) and when I tested the USB-C port on my laptop it is able to recognize device it is plugged in so I am at loss. I dont even know how to resolve the issue also The uses of the internet have also opened the door for various threats and viruses which can become harmful with nonstop ignorance. Because of this the need for Laptop Repair Near Me services is at a peak now.

From the inexpert eyes, it may appear like the problem is not big enough. But the conclusion process is not as easy as it appears. Thatís why such tasks should be left on the experts in Laptop Repair services.