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    Bars. Where to drink with pleasure in Australia?

    Need your help, guys

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    Usually in Australia I drink in bars, for example, Fortitude Valley Bars - Time for a Drink! this is a guide to these places that I would recommend visiting in my hometown. If you do not know what to drink while in Australia, I advise you to Rum. More specifically, Bundaberg Rum. Don’t believe me? Research and you will see that on multiple occasions, it has been named the best in the world. It also happens to be from my home town. The Aussie rum named the world's best Other liquid indulgences from this place that is paradise on Earth, are any of the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks range. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Burgundy is my personal favorite, but Sarsaparilla and Passionfruit are a close second and third. Of course, too, there’s the obvious - Australia has a literal plethora of award-winning, world-class beers and wines. My daily ‘go-to’ drink though, is our incredibly clean, fresh, and cool (free and not in need of bottling) water. We are a most fortunate country

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