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    Anyone remember this?

    I mentioned Faygo Redpop to a friend at lunch today and she had never heard of it. Faygo was never distributed in Canada, that I'm aware of. But when I was a kid my parents used to drive to Buffalo all the time to shop because a lot of things were a lot cheaper in the States (still are), and I used to get a Faygo Redpop as a treat.

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    Yes I remember Faygo. I was never a fan. I think there was a Faygo plant in Columbus. I will have to look in a store next time I am buying wine.
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    Something about that branding name doesn't work very well...

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    I never heard of it, but have to agree, the brand name doesn't pique my thirst. I did like other redpops of the day. Nehi had one, and of course, there was BigRed. They don't make or sell pop like that here in the states as much as they used to, but in the hispanic community, they are still very popular. Many supermarkets have hispanic sections where you can still buy these fruity, multicolor sodapops, and I do from time to time.

    Loved redpops as a kid, but my all-time fave was Nehi Grape. I'd drink one now if I had it.

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    In this part of the country, the red cola was Cheerwine. I thought it went out with the rest of the tried and trues until I went to a local gyro shop and found bottles of Cheerwine and RC and Lemondrop--everything but Chocolate Soldier....(Sniff. I get so emotional over stuff like this, you guys!)

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    yeah i still buy Faygo diet grape soda every now and i got older i started to stray from the red sodas.

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