If any one is interested, I have a friend who is selling his Bryston BDA-1 DAC and BDP-1 digital player. They are in excellent condition as I have seen and heard them myself. He is selling them because he just bought a PS Audio Direct Stream. Let me know if you are interested. The guy is very honest and reliable and sold me my vintage Thorens TT. Here is the info-

For Sale

Bryston BDA-1 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) - $1150.00
17” BLACK faceplate
purchased new 11/25/2011
2 years of transferrable warranty remaining
AudioGon Blue Book avg. is $1281.00

Bryston BDP-1 Digtial Player - $950.00
17” BLACK faceplate (silver faceplate included – will change upon request)
purchased new spring 2012 (will locate receipt)
no remote -didn't buy that option because it's so easy to control via iPhone
2 years of transferrable warranty remaining
AudioGon Blue Book avg. NA – online listings avg. aprox. $1100.00

Excellent condition 9/10. The software updates are current (Manic Moose). Booth units include manuals, original bill of sale (for warranty) and I believe I have the boxes. If not, I can get from Bryston or will package double box to ensure safe arrival. Units can be auditioned to ensure proper operation. I prefer a local sale and a personal audition so there are no “misunderstandings”.

The BDA-1/BDP-1 are great units but not up to date with the current line up. What they lack is the USB capability of the newer versions. They do USB but at a lower rate than the -2 versions. I have used wireless and hardwired and have had no interconnect issues and the unit is recognized on the network immediately. It can be controlled by any number of programs including freeware MPoD (works great – great on an iPhone for remote). The DAC audio quality is excellent and rated as a Class A Recommended Component in Stereophile’s 2014 list as well as The Absolute Sound’s recommended components.