Of the following receivers, Yamaha RX-V2400, Denon AVR-3805, and the Arcam AVR-300 receivers, which do you prefer and why? I know the Yamaha and Denon have PEQ and the Arcam doesn't, but that's not really that important to me.

I'm interested more in sound quality, sound characterisitcs (warm, netutral, bright, revealing detail, clarity, transients), and the quality of the internal components. How do the internal DAC's compare on the 3, i.e. if I were to use a cheap DVD player for CD playback, which (if any) would process the sound as good as a $500 stand alone CD player?

So in summary, I'm looking for sound quality, sound characteristics, internal DACs, also DD/DTS processing quality, expandability, and very important, which receiver (if any) would handle speakers that would normally require an external amp, such as B&W N804s?