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    Yamaha RX-V659 & Surround Modes

    Just got a new Yamaha RX-V659. I noticed when listening to the TUNER (FM Station) and you select Neural Surround as the surround mode (hoping it remains in this mode), and you decide to switch to DTV/Cable selecting PLII Music as the surround mode to watch TV, the next time you return to the TUNER to listen to FM radion it has changed from Neural Surround to PLII Music the mode you selected for DTV/Cable TV viewing.

    On the other hand if your input source is TUNER and you select 2/5/7 channel stereo or some movie mode and swtich to DTV/Cable the TUNER mode will remain as long as it's NOT within the same category.

    My best guess as to why it won't stay in the Neural Surround mode for TUNER is because Neural Surround, PLII Music, PLII Movie, Neo 6, etc. are all under the same MODE category? Is this correct?

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    It sounds more like you might have a defective receiver, where the unit simply goes back to the factory defaults every time you switch sources. But, before you trade it in, look through the setup menu options for some sort of memory guard option that maintains your settings. The Yamaha receivers I'm familiar with default to the DSP mode that you previously used with a particular source, i.e., if you used the Neural Surround mode with the tuner, it will go back to the Neural Surround mode the next time you select the tuner.

    Does your receiver change DSP modes when switching between any other inputs? For example, if you select the Neural Surround mode with the DVD input, does it switch to a different DSP mode when you switch to a different source and then back to the DVD? If so, then you might want to look for a setup menu option that maintains memory for the settings. Otherwise, your receiver might have a defective back-up memory circuit.
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    When you press the Standard button on the remote it will toggle through "surround standard" (which will be Pro Logic) and " surround enhanced". While in "surround standard" (Pro Logic) field, pressing the "Select" button will toggle throught the following fields:
    Pro Logic>PLII Movie>PLII Music>PLII Game>PLIIx Movie>PLIIx Music>PLIIx Game>Neo:6 Cinema>Neo:6 Music and Neural Surround.

    It appears since ALL of the above fields are accessed by pressing the same button (the Select button), this is why the setting will change regradless as to what the input source is i.e. DTV/Cable, DVD, Tuner etc.

    On the other hand if I'm in DTV/Cable watching TV and I select a DSP mode such as Movie>Adventure, then switch over to another input source such as Tuner, DVD, etc and change one of these modes to PLII Music, PLII Movie, Neo:6 Cinema, etc. then those fields will remain the next time you use those modes because those fields are accessed by pressing a different button than the PLII modes. At least this seems to be how this works for me.

    If anyone has the RX-V659 please try this and let me know what happens before I pack up this receiver to return it.

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