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    Yamaha receivers!

    I have a Denon 1700 and I believe its one of the first Dolby Digital receivers that came out when I bought it. I'm pretty satisfied with it but starting to notice that alot of DVD's are out with both sound tracks DD and DTS. I look at a couple of Yamaha receivers like the 550 series with 90watts per channel and I'm very interested in changing in the future. Would anybody would change from a Denon 1700 to a Yamaha?

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    Talking I'll take a stab at it....

    I truly LOVE DTS. All my DVD players have DTS decoding and all my receivers are DTS capable. I've "A & B" DVDs going from DD to DTS and back again and believe DTS to be a superior format. NOT every movie has a DTS soundtrack so you'll have to gauge for yourself if this alone is enough for you to upgrade. But you should also consider that a LOT of technological water has gone under the bridge since you bought your old Denon so you may see improvements in other areas as well. I personally, if buying for myself today, would go with the Yammie 1500 with YPAO. I set a friends system up with it and loved it. It is an amazing piece....

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