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    Will This Work!!!!

    I saw this box that will remove hdcp encryption and convert it to VGA. Can I then convert the VGA to Componenet video and extend the life of my HDTV that only has component video?

    Also will I loose anything by doing it this way?

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    The main purpose of the box is to make sure that people who have older projectors with VGA-only analog inputs don't have to miss out completely on DVI-D sources. Your theory turns on your notion that the box "will remove hdcp encryption" but always retain HD resolution when it converts the signal to VGA. But the device is HDCP-compliant, not HDCP-disabling; that is, it will accept a digital HDCP signal from a digital HDCP source. It will disable HDCP only in the trivial sense that it allows a digital HDCP-encoded signal to come out the other end in some analog form. All HDCP signals either make their complete journey in digital, full-resolution form, from one HDCP-compliant component to another, or they encounter an analog juncture--for example, component cables--where they become analog and possibly downconverted. If the HDCP handshake doesn't occur, because the source device isn't compliant, however, the VGA interface may suffer from nothing more than D/A conversion, retaining the original resolution to the extent of the display's input capacity.
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