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    where can I trust buying an lcd from? recomm?

    Ok so I am in the market for an LCd- but not sure where I should buy it from.

    Any thoughts or feedback on buying from Ebay- I buy all the time from ebay but never made a big purchase like that- anything I should look for- warranty, etc?

    How about Best buy, Pc Richards, 6Th Ave, etc...any of these major places known for having better prices?

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    Lots of places are reputable. Check out the stores mentioned on the web page that I posted in your other thread. Also, OneCall is particularly good. So far as ebay is concerned, look for mfgr's warranty, an actual address for the store or seller, shipping options appropriate for a delicate instrument, credit-card capability, a stated return policy, and a favorable feedback rating. Prices on the web and ebay are generally better than what you'll find at Best Buy et al. for flat panels.

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    I have purchased sets from tvauthority as well as ecost. Both were excellent from a service standpoint, especially tvauthority.

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