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    Charm Thai™
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    A new tv stand and maybe a new remote control.

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    I'd like a larger Center channel speaker and the Oppo BDP-95. It probably won't happen this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swish
    Man do you suck. I'm pretty much set on a 110" screen, but you're making me wonder if I should go a little bigger. Actually, with the room size and throw, I don't think I can. That would make the screen 8 feet wide and 54" high, and I can't imagine having any regrets with that...or can I? My room is 18' wide, 23' deep, the ceiling is 7'8" high, and the throw will be from about 15'. I just don't see how or why I should go bigger.
    I am sure that 110" will be great and you'll never have regrets with it. But those upgrade urges always sneak up on me. That JVC HD250 sure looks nice!
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    I would love to upgrade speakers and receiver. I got non-HDMI receiver connected directly to my projector.
    I would love to get a new receiver and may be in-wall speakers... but seriously, if I can just have choppy blu-ray video problem resolved, I'd be very happy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelthis
    think twice, your stuff sounds better turned off.
    +1 lol

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