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    What exactly is a "rear projection LCD?"

    I'm no expert on LCD and Rear Projection, but the two together seem to be contrary?

    Sony model here with "rear projection LCD," could someone explain the technology?

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    When someone says, "Trust your ears" or "Hearing is believing", consider this: Do you thoughtlessly trust your eyes when you see a stick inserted halfway in water? If you don't trust your eyes without thinking, why would you trust your ears without thinking? I recommend not mindlessly trusting your sensory organs, but engaging your brain before you make a decision.

    "A wise man ... proportions his belief to the evidence." - David Hume

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    Or here's a quick study. To be simple, if not simplistic about it, an LCD RPTV is based on three tiny chips (for red, green, and blue), each holding the TVs complement of LCD crystals and transmitting light, ultimately combining to project a single image on the screen. CRT RPTVs have three tubes for each primary color instead of three microchips, and DLPs usually have a single chip composed of tiny mirrors that create an image from light in conjunction with a color wheel that is intended to spin quickly enough to fool the eye into seeing all colors in an image simultaneously when in fact they are rendered successively. LCoS and DiLA rear projectors are variations on the LCD theme but avoid any hint of projecting the spaces between pixels by positioning electronics behind the crystals instead of inertly beside them. They also do a better job of deflecting light from unwanted parts of the screen.

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