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    What is backlight

    What is backlight setting? What is an idea setting for it mines goes from 0 to 50?

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    Backlighting refers to the lamp that creates the light/color for fixed-pixel displays. Too high a setting will raise the black level too much and crush detail at the low and high ends of the brightness/contrast scale (as well as reduce the lamp's life span); too low a setting will make pictures too flat. The setting can be higher when the room has some light and lower when the lights are out--with variations for all points in between. Experiment to find out what works in your situation. The point is to find the settings that allow you to see the most detail at the extremes of light/dark under various room conditions. Most likely you'll settle on one or two levels just to keep it simple. You might calibrate your DVD/TV configuration with a test disk like Digital Video Essentials to optimize bright and dark images at various levels with the lights on and off.

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