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    Went Old School Today.... Pioneer CLD-M301

    I picked up a Pioneer CLD-M301 Laserdisc/CD player today for only $7. I have always been curious about Laserdiscs so I thought what the heck if nothing else I bought a 5-Disc CD player. Unit powers up nicely and cosmetically just needed a good wipe down.
    Anyone familiar with this unit or have some info on it???

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    I finally gave up on Laser and tossed my discs.
    AS good as it looked back in the day, that was compared to NTSC
    broadcast and VHS.
    I knew the first time I fired up my first DVD (replacement killers) in
    my first DVD player that LASER was toast.
    Funny story, my last SD TV was a 60" Mitshubishi that I bought
    because I was tired of watching letterboxed movies on a 32" screen,
    and certainly not with my "new" DVD player.
    After watching several DVD's I fired up the old laserdisc.
    It didnt work, never worked again, and I never watched another LASER.
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    Well I found a copy of Jurassic Park in a bin and put it on. PQ was pretty good not quite DVD quality but better than VHS. Sound wise it was very good and comparable to many of my DVD's. It will add an element to my thrifting looking for old LD's for $1!!

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