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    Has anyone have the VOOM satellite. Tell me how you like it please

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    If you don't a reply to your question here, try this link:

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    Here is a link from a thread a while back.

    Voom install tomorrow- Anyone interested?


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    voom is terrible

    Let me fill you in on my voom experience. I hope for voom's sake that my situation was an exception. I ordered voom and had an install set up. Voom subcontracts all of their service work and when you set up a service call you can choose a time frame of either 8a.m.-12p.m. or 12 p.m.- 5p.m. So the guys come out for the install, thought they had everything set up and never even connected the component video cables. Not that its a difficult thing to do but that to me is plain ignorance.
    After two weeks I realized that I had a few off air hd channels in my area (I'm kind of in the sticks so to say) so I called voom to ask if they could come install the off air antenna thats included in the package. Sure no problem they say. They set up a service call on a monday between 12-5 so I leave work and wait. No one showed up, no one bothered calling until I called voom at 7:30 that night.They were "terribly sorry" and set up another service call for Friday 12-5 and yet again another no show. Man was I pissed. I called Voom that night and told them to set up a time to come get their equipment. Their computers were down so they couldnt schedule anything.
    The following Monday morning while at work I get a phone call from another subcontractor saying they had a service call for that morning to pick up the equipment. First I had heard of it! So I miss a total of about 15 hrs. of work in a week to fool with these ******* . They have an automatic payment system so one month after cancelling service they were still billing me needless to say I did get that money back and they made it retroactive for the 2 weeks of the first month I paid for. What A joke.
    I'm sorry to be so long winded and I realize that it would be incredibly difficult to break into the market without having to use subcontractors but they represent you as a business, so make sure they are accountable. I just dont want anyone to have to deal with these same frustrations.

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