Man, It's been ages since I posted here.

I just moved into a new house and, after my five year hiatus in teeny-tiny apartments, I have a place for all my gear again. One of my current projects is deciding on HDTV programming. Appearantly my house qualifies for Verizon's FiOS which is supposed to have quite a few HD channels and an HD DVR.

I can currently get every OTA channel in HD, thanks to my ancient RCA DTC100 tuner and a set of quite spectacular rabbit ears perched artisticaly atop my TV. However, a few extra HD channels would be nice, especially somethign that allowed me to get ESPN for MNF.

My Q: how is the HD quality on FiOS? I've heard various complaints about DirecTV and DISH comrpessing their HD channels and degrading quality. Obviously, this negates my entire desire to HAVE HD programming.