Somehow through some stupidity, I screwed something up in my DVR & messed up the recording of a stupid show on TV. Anyway, I posted on a board asking if someone had a copy of it to sell or trade & this nice guy told me that it was available for free on some website called Mininova & you needed a program called Utorrent which is free to download- it plays through windows media player, I'm not quite sure if it plays on Utorrent as well. Anyway, this site is great if you somehow miss a TV show like I did here, you can find it on that site, I think free of commercials as well. It did take a while to download & the quality was excellent. I probably won't use this site again unless I mess up recording a show on my DVR.

Anyway, can someone give me some background on this. Are these files up there legally? Same with this software program. Is this program relatively safe from viruses? Any info would be appreciated.