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    upgrading to 6.1

    hey guys i have a question. i have a 6.1 yamaha amp "5650" and i have been using it for 5.1 for the last couple of months but i want to buy another centre and put it in the back. BUT i was thinking about it. i have a exta set of wire run the the rear and a old akai stereo amp. could i run the 6th channel into that amp and split it into 2? and then have a 7.1. and move a set of the speakers to the sides? but what speakers would i move to the sides and what would i leave at the back? personally my first thought was leave the rears at the back and move the split 6th channel for the sides. becuase i hooked a speaker into the 6th once and it didnt get alot of play in a 6.1 movie. only so often "discrete" in dolby d ex it was good played all the time. so just give me an idea on how this would work.


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    By utilizing that 6th channel your receiver is capable of, you'll gain one channel, the "center" rear.

    Even by splitting that signal and using your old amp for this, you won't have a "7.1" scenario. You will simply have two identical "center" rear channels. Whether this is what you want is up to you. Why you would want to put these on the sides is beyond me. The operative word here is "center".

    But, be aware that like most surround channels, there isn't generally isn't a whole heckuva lot going on there, save for gunfights and other occasional noises.

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