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    Tv Picture Colors Died - Need Help!!

    I have a Panasonic SuperFlat TV I bought in 2001 or so???

    All of the sudden the picture died. The colors are waaaay off and seem almost florescent and way off. In order to make it watchable I have to turn the color all the way down and watch it in black and white. Oddly, when the color is turned down and the picture is b&w, there is a small amount of florescent pink coming through in the top right....similiar to if speakers werent magnetic shielded (but that couldnt have caused it).

    Any ideas what happened here? Should this happen on a TV less than 10 years old???? Could it be a quick fix for a tv repair guy?
    Its a secondary TV in my home, but i dont want to spend $500+ to repalce it unless absolutely neccaary.

    Email or post with your input---thanks in advance!!


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?
    If you're a gambling man, call in a repair person to get an idea what a repair would cost you. Even then, he might not be able to tell just by looking at it. Remember, he'll charge for just showing up and, since tube swapping is decades out of fashion, more if he has to take it to the shop (likely).

    If not, 32" CRT sets with ATSC tuners go for < $300 nowadays, but you better act fast. Big CRT's are a dying breed.

    My proclivity would be for option 2.

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    YOU'RE joking right? This situation is why dumpsters were invented.
    32"in LCD hd sets are selling for 500 bucks if you look hard enough.
    Your color decoder is blooming, you need a new one.
    This set was state of the art...15 years ago, now it'll need an adapter box after NTSC disapears on 09.
    DO you really need to ask the question when the answer is obvious?
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    i agree, probably not worth fixing, cost would be almost as much as a new TV

    sorry for the bad news...

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