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    Toshiba SD-6915, Onkyo DV-CP702, Sony DVP-NC685V, Panasonic DVD-CV51: Pros/cons?

    I'm looking at four different CD/DVD players to buy: the Toshiba SD-6915, the Onkyo DV-CP702, the Panasonic DVD-CV51, and the Sony DVP-NC685V. (I believe all of these are multiple disc players, have the ability to randomly shuffle between all songs on all discs, can handle many formats, and have optic out and S-video...correct me if I'm wrong!) Could anyone give me any feedback/comments/pros/cons on these models?

    If it matters, I have an Onkyo TX-SR502 receiver and JBL SCS160SI speakers. Also, the player will be used just as much to play music CDs as it will to play DVDs, so it's important that it play music CD's well.


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    I had a Panasonic CV-51 a few years back, I loved it. It blew every Sony and Toshiba available at the time away in picture quality. There was no big difference in sound quality.

    If you don't mind having an older player, the CV-51 is awesome.

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