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    Smile Tivo versus Replay TV

    Getting ready to purchace a DVR and dont no which one to choose. Please help if anyone has purchace either let me know what the pros and cons are each of them.

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    tivo vs. replay tv

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackman
    Getting ready to purchace a DVR and dont no which one to choose. Please help if anyone has purchace either let me know what the pros and cons are each of them.
    Hi Jackman,

    We've got a tivo at home and I've heard a little bit about replay tv. From what I understand, replay tv can be set to skip commercials while recording. I haven't verified this by seeing it in action, but that's what I've heard. Replay tv is also more expensive to buy becuase you have to pay for the service up front. With Tivo, you have the option of paying monthly (it's like $13/month) or you can pay up front.

    Another thing about replay tv...supposedly it is very easy to hack and send the data to your computer, from which you can burn onto disc and store in your library. You can also do the same thing with tivo, but it from what I've read the tivo has some addtional safeguards in it to make the task harder to perform.

    Good luck...and let us know what you decide.


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    Replay TV

    I bought a replay TV about a year ago and love it. There are some ad/disadvantages that I am aware of, and surely some that I am not aware of. I don't know about newer models as well.

    Replay TV:
    30s skip and commercial skip are FAR superior to Tivo. My brother has a Tivo and I was just there watching football all weekend. He kept telling me how much he'd rather have replay's skip and ff functions

    Although some prefer Tivo menus, I think replays are much more intuitive and obvious, but thats just me

    my replay can be connected via the internet to my home network

    Its annoying to say "replay TV". "Tivo" is easier and more recognized by others.

    I've used technical support a couple of times, and it has been easy and straight forward. don't know about Tivo support

    My brother can hook multiple signals up simultaneously, and can record 2 things at once. I cannot.

    If you have direct TV, you can get an all in one box, which is better. I have to have my replay tv control my direct tv box, which is mildly annoying, and messes up occasionally ~1% of the time.

    I have heard on multiple occasions that replay tv was going out of business. I have no idea if this is accurate or not, but it would make me not want to plunk down the lifetime subscription fee. I pay $10 per month.

    Good luck, DVR is by FAR the best investment you can make in home theater! I would recommend anyone that owns a tv to get one before getting ANY other HT device!

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