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    Time for a new sub

    Finally get my new tv, and the amp on my sub is going bad. It's well out of warrenty, actually I bought it used about 4 years ago. Anyway, it's a HSU research VTF2. I'm sort of decided that I might as well upgrade. It's not that I'm unhappy with the current sub's performance, minus of course the recent amp problems. I don't really hold this against HSU, after all the crap I've put it through, it wasn't going to last forever, so they're still on my list of possibilities. I'd like to keep it under $800, although if I could find a Paradigm Servo 15, which is the best I've heard at a reasonable (for me) price, for a little more, I might have to think about it. I have a BFD as a parametric EQ already, so no one needs to mention that. I'd estimate that the listening is 70/30 or so movies/music. The room has a double door size opening to the kitchen, and a door size opening to a fairly short hallway (I do understand the limitations this poses, but the rent is crazy for the area). I live just outside DC, so I shouldn't have too much trouble finding dealers for pretty much any brand. Other than HSU, SVS, the Paradigm which is just out of what I'd like to spend, does anyone have any other recommendations on what to check out?

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    Plenty of other options out there. You got Velodyne, Acoustic Visions, Outlaw, Infinity, Rocket, Martin Logan, Atlantic Technology, Sunfire, REL, ACI, and a whole load of others. All of these have very different design approaches and configurations, and ways of purchasing.

    First thing you should assess is whether your room can get easily overpowered. Next thing you should figure out if your room is large enough to benefit from using two subs. If the VTF-2 lacks the weight you're looking for, then you're probably looking at one of SVS's powered tall cylinders or a 15" sealed model (now that Adire Audio no longer makes the 15" Daeva, you won't find anything under $800, unless you go with a DIY kit like the ones from Parts Express). Other 12" ported options will probably also give you a boost in the low end response, but you need to assess for yourself whether you like the frequency curve on those models and if they work with your room dimensions and acoustics. Smaller rooms can overly reinforce the low end and dropoff unnaturally.

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