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Thread: THX certified

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    THX certified

    Hello I still new here ...anybody can give an advice or suggestion, we need to buy thx component or each of item for setup Ht system.
    AV receiver VS separate component....any suggestion

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    THX is about as useless as man teets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    THX is about as useless as man teets.
    No, less so, and by a large margin


    The preceding comments have not been subjected to double blind testing, and so must just be taken as casual observations and not given the weight of actual scientific data to be used to prove a case in a court of law or scientific journal. The comments represent my humble opinion which will range in the readers perspective to vary from Gospel to heresy. So let it be.

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    Well Iíd make a trip to the movies checkout the same film twice in once in a substandard cinema the other in a THX sound system cinema.

    As for home THX thatís a different matter altogether.

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