I'm trying to come up with a way to go 5.1 in my living/family room. It's open to the breakfast area on one side. The other side is walled, but there is a door to a bedroom and a fireplace in the corner. The area also has the only pathway to my sons' bedrooms. Trying to visualize placement of surrounds has been nearly impossible.

However, the living area has a trey (tray-sp?) ceiling that matches up perfectly with the wall that the tv is on. I'm thinking of suspending a pair of surrounds from the seam at the ceiling's highest point and its slope downward. Amazingly, the sofa sits exactly between the seams that are on both sides of the room. I have a pair of white SuperOnes (the xu model) which if not lowered too much would probably blend in with the white ceiling. Distance from the front wall and the correct downward firing angle will need to be determined. Anyhow, has anyone tried speakers suspended from the ceiling? What are your thoughts? - Thanks.