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    A Surround Sound Processor with no amplification?


    I have recently bought a Tannoy Surround Speaker system for by Home video/music studio (its was on sale & a bit of a rash purchase). The associated subwoofer contains all the amplification for the relevant speaker channels. Currently my audio is all routed via a TEAC mixing desk that does not have a 5.1 output facility. What I would is some sort of 5.1 hardware processor (not a PC card) to take one of the stereo outputs from the mixing desk & provide the 6 channels of speaker output to the subwoofer. I see lots of AV amps but these all provide amplified speaker outputs which I donít need given that the subwoofer has all the amps already.

    All help welcomed.


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    I don't understand how your mixer works but if you don't need the preamp or controlling features why not get a DVD players with a built in decoder? That will do the decoding for you, however if your mixer isn't able to control the volume this may not work. Stand alone preamp processors, unless used start around $1,500.00. So you may be better off getting a receiver and just not use the amp section. You can get a DVD player with built in decoder and outputs under $200.00, maybe way under, that is just not a feature I pay much attention to.

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