As I mentioned on another post, I apparently screwed up in that I got a better, most expensive subwoofer for my bedroom system but because of the acoustics in the room coupled with the fact I'm living in an apartment, its too loud for my place. Specifically, I have 2 Orb Mod 1 systems in my place, one for the living room & the other for the bedroom. Both consisting of 5 Orb speakers & a sub & the same Denon receiver & Harmon Kardon DVD player in both rooms. The living room has the Orb Supereight sub & the bedroom had my cheaper Acoustic Research 108PSB sub. The sound in my living room which is a large open type room is perfect. The sound in my bedroom which is normal sized but enclosed is very good but not as good as my living room with the same equipment, so I thought if I bought the Orb Supereight Sub which is meant for this system it would improve it alot. I even tested this with a CD. My mistake was the CD was somewhat average recorded bass of 25 years ago. Anyway, too make a long story short, with the new sub, which is 150 constant to 400 flexible watts as opposed to my 100 watt Acoustics Research Sub, the sound is too loud/not the rght blend for most of my CD's, especially because I live in an apartment. There is only one place to put the sub due to the logistics of the room & my furniture so the only thing I can change is: the volume on my sub, the sub's db's on my Denon receiver & the bass over tone on my receiver. Any suggestions at all? I should mention that I can return the sub to Orb but would prefer to sell it on Ebay, for personal reasons & that for some reason the Acoustic Research sub produces the perfect blend of sound/loudness for the room. Ialso have isolation pads underneath the sub but will not put any other padding in the place.