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Thread: Sub Woofers

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    Sub Woofers


    Tried to get away with a small sub named the PSW202 by Polk. It lasted a short while and then started to distort. Not used for any high power or anything, but it smelled just after distorting. I stuck it away in the garage and went out and bought a Velodyne, which has been going along good for a couple years now. Cleaning the garage I came across the Polk and wonder if anyone has had experience with this.

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    Uhm... not sure we understand your question. Are you trying to salvage the Polk for some use? You basically found what is pretty well known anyway - Velodynes RAWK and Polks... well to avoid 4 letter words... don't. LOL

    Have FUN!

    G MAN

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    Sounds like something is wrong with your Polk (perhaps a loose connection, bad soder, etc.). I'm surprised you didn't take it back to the store for a refund or exchange.

    No experience with it whatsoever. Only you can decide if it is worth trying to repair or running it to the dump.

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