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    Still Purchase DVDs?

    Hello. Do you think it makes sense to still buy DVDs or should I start buying digital versions of films and link the computer to the tv?


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    It all depends on your personal preferences. I personally like to have something physical in my hands when I buy it. That said, I don't buy too many DVDs because there is only so many times I would want to keep watching the same movie. I have a handfull of classics like Johnny Dangerously and Wise Guys and a few sets of old TV shows like In Living Color.

    DVDs are so cheap now that it just makes sense to have a physical copy if you have the storage room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyfi View Post
    DVDs are so cheap now that it just makes sense to have a physical copy if you have the storage room.
    Agree 100%

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    I stopped buying DVD's back in 2006 when Bluray hit the scene. I haven't watched a DVD since Methuselah's 15th birthday, it looks too grainy and lacks the pop of Bluray disc. Even streaming looks better to me than DVD.

    That said, I must have the disc, and do not mind devoting a huge walk in closet to store them.
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    If the intent of your question is purchasing physical media (I now only buy BluRay) over a computer file, the answer is a resounding yes. The ease, simplicty, and reliability of physical media are the reason why I choose physical media over a digital file any day.

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    Give me physical media every time. I'll take Blu-Ray, DVD or CD discs whenever possible. If I want them on a music or video server I'll copy them to it myself. With that said, I admit to owning a Roku and subscribing to Netflix among other channels available through a Roku box.
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    I stopped buying DVD some time back as well and now buy Blu-ray discs. I don't stream anything at this point. I wouldn't mind an occasional stream but internet in my area sucks, the companies who delivers it sucks, and Dishnet costs too much for streaming movies.

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