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    started a new HT in the basement

    we sold our house last year and with it the whole HT included Revel F30s, the center was a M20 and surrounds Infinity Primus bookshelf speakers. Great sound.

    With this new basement, i wanted to go cheaper to see what i could get for less money. Well, i found a pair of PSB Image T6 floor standers. Always read great reviews on PSB and wanted to own a pair. So, i found this pair for $200 bucks...had to drive a while, but wow....

    They are incredible...the sound coming from the speaker box is insane. They sound much larger then they are and go deep on the bass. At this time i do not have a center channel so I used my Marantz 7007 to create a phantom center and boy does it work well.

    I should mention the surrounds are Polk speakers i purchased years ago. They do the job, but are average at best.

    I have not been on this site for years and just wanted to drop in and add something new. I hope to add as more pieces are played.

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    Nice pickup Tarheel. A friend of mine has PSB Image 4T's, granted they are a generation behind your Images, but they sound great so I hear what you are saying. Years and years ago my dream speakers were PSB Stratus Golds but I ended up going a different direction.

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