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    Speaker Help

    I recently purchased a Sony STR-DA3200ES receiver and would like some guidance on speakers to purchase for a 5.1 surround sound. Although Iím willing to learn, Iím an audio newbie and most of the terms are new to me. I am trying to avoid making the mistake of buying speakers that wonít make the most of the receiver or were intended for older technology receivers. Types of speakers to avoid or specific speaker suggestions would be helpful.

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    Price range?
    Room Size?
    WAF (wife acceptance factor)?
    % music vs. % movies?
    Do your prefer floorstanders, standmounts, in-walls?

    The more info you give us, the easier it will be to give recommendations.

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    Don't buy any speakers without auditioning them first. That said, how large is your room? How is it furnished? How loud do you want to play your movies/music? Do you want bookshelf's or floor standers? What is your speaker budget? What kind of SAF do you have to contend with?
    I'm sure you will gets lots of responses to your question. Don't buy speakers without listening to them first!
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    Paradigm have a fairly large array of speakers and aren't overly expensive.
    that makes as much sense as a drunken mongoose playing the piano

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