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    Sony RM-AV3100 Specific Issue

    Yesterday, I spent some time updating my previous configuration to reflect some new components which I have been using the individual remote for since purchase and in the process of fixing a lot of mistakes, labels, etc to keep it all as accurate as possible, I managed to set up what I think is a key macro, but I am not quite sure. Every time I push Amp, my stereo's volume is increased by two button pushes.

    Second question: is there a way to get a macro to extend longer than around 10 seconds? I increased the SystemDelay for a macro to the maximum of 900 ms and added around 20 "Timer" button pushes to add some delay--which is the max I can add based on the button pushes I need and the problem is that it isn't long enough of a delay. I am trying to setup my Netgear music player to play music with a macro but it has to connect to my media server first and it takes 10 seconds to boot plus another 10 seconds to connect to the network and server--not to mention the times that it happens to take a little longer. Therefore, I really need around a 30-40 second delay if possible. Limiting each macro to 32 items seems strange, too. If I could somehow call another macro, then I could chain on extra macros since I have plenty of free macros and this would allow me to easily get 63, 94, 125, or even more total pushes with 2, 3, or 4 macros chained.

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    we no longer use that remote but if i recall correctly,you should be able to extend the delay time by using individual component macros and string them with the system macro

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