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    Sony NS501p DVD Same as ns575?

    Hey, everyone! On this very rainy day here in Ga., I bought a Sony DVD player from Sam's wholesale club. It was a display, so I got it for $30, regularly $70. It's model # is ns501p. It's progressive scan, which I didn't have with my previous Sony. Problem is, I can't find any reviews anywhere. It looks just like the ns575p, which is what I thought it was. Does anyone have this model? Is it the same thing? This sort of thing just bothers me! Please help!

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    Here's how it looks to me. The two units are remarkably similar, though if the published specs are to be believed (I doubt it), the 575 weighs about a 1/4 lb more and differs slightly in dimensions from the 501. Because the 501 isn't sold in Sony's own store, though it's available at Cosco (if not in other similar venues), I'm led to believe that it's a limited edition intended only for the buying-club market or similar outlets. I've seen other companies distribute their products like that, changing a few unimportant particulars to make sure that the units are not identical with their main lines.


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    Thanks, Ed.

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