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    Sony KV34HS510 or PanasonCT-34WX53

    Has anyone compared these two TV's

    They are the same price in my market.



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    First of all if you have the space I would recommend a small (42" or so) RPTV from Toshiba, etc. It'll give a more filmlike picture for a lot less money. If you're set on a direct-view I can only offer this:

    I had a Panasonic Superflat TV - broke twice within two years

    A Panasonic DVD-A110 purchased in early '98 - still works but sometimes skips for no reason

    A Panasonic DVD-RV80 - outright died in 17 months

    A Panasonic cordless phone - broke in 5 months

    A Sony Wega (analog) purchased in 2000 - no problems whatsoever
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