Hi again -
As I mentioned in an older thread, I'm setting up a home theater in a relatively small room (about 200 sq ft). In terms of sound quality, music is most important to me (75% music / 25% movies - mostly rock and jazz). For speakers, I decided to go with the Athena auditions (2 x AS-F1s for the mains, 2 x AS-B1s for the rears, AS-C1 for the center, no sub).

Now it's time to choose a receiver. My funds are somewhat limited ($300-$400, the cheaper the better). I was originally looking at the Denon-1804 - but now i'm thinking this might be more than I need. For the size of the room and the speakers, might I be better off toning it down to the Denon AVR-1604? I thought this might save me a little money. I think I'm ok with the decreased power (75W vs 90W), but will the sound quality be the same? Does anyone have any experience comparing these two similar receivers?

Also - Denons aside, does anyone have good advice to matching a receiver in this price range to the Athenas?

Thanks for all the help!