Having now been converted to widescreen HDTV format (at least in regards to watching HD broadcasts), I'm now in the market for an affordable 27"HD ready TV for my bedroom. What I'm still not clear is, should HDTV sets with 4:3 non widescreen aspects be avoided like the plague as you will not get the true HD broadcast on them or is this just a myth? Also is Sony a brand to avoid in regards to HDTV based on some reviews I've read on the internet? There is a Sony 27" HDTV, KV-27HS420, that you can get on sale for less than $700 including delivery. Here is a brief description:

HDTV monitor (compatible with HDTV/SDTV formats � when connected to a separate HDTV tuner � and displays them at 1080i or 480p)
4:3 screen aspect ratio
Digital Reality Creation (upconverts non-HD signals to 960i or 480p)
CineMotion 3-2 pulldown processing
16:9 Enhanced mode for widescreen DVDs and HDTV

Should this set be avoided?