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    Selling Receiver

    I purchased an ONKYO TX-DS939 from a friend of mine back in 2004. I have had this receiver for a while but have used it rarely. I lost the remote in a move I had from Atlanta to Alabama. I am interested in selling this piece of equipment and don't know where to start...Are there any good sites to sell this kick a#! receiver because I have no use for it. Ebay is the obvious answer but are there any other options? If anyone is interested in buying this or knows of a place that I can get rid of it please let me know. I also have a full surround set of Sapphire speakers, and a Mirage 12" sub, all brand new. Anyone know anything? Interested? email me at

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    I have had better success with craigslist over ebay.

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    I have had friends use this and the items sold quick and sold smoothly, Jeff
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